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Larry and Bonnie Wilson are the owners of B&L HOMEWATCH of Naples, Florida, and have earned accreditation from the NHWA for the fourth year in 2020. Larry has earned the designation of NHWA Certified Home Watch Professional, making him one of the elite Home Watch providers in the industry. The CHWP designation shows Larry’s commitment to providing excellent service to his clients.

We have a plan for any type of property to give you peace of mind during your absence.  The NHWA definition of home watch is

“The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.”

We will visit your property every  week or every-other week looking for obvious issues, keeping you informed of the condition of your property by doing a detailed, GPS located and time stamped inspection report using special home watch software including pictures and notes as needed.  We email the report to you promptly after the inspection is completed.

We can customize the inspection template to meet any special needs you may have. If we do find an urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately, we will make every effort to contact you personally as quickly as possible. We always do everything we can to minimize any damages to your property. We will then work with you every step of the way to get the issue resolved.

The Wilsons have been residents of Florida and Naples for 29 years. Just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma in 2017 they were doing some research on the Home Watch industry with the idea of getting into the home watch business. Living in an area where there is a high percentage of seasonal homeowners and many new developments  being  built it looked like a great opportunity. Then Hurricane Irma hit Naples, they stayed in their home through the hurricane, and after the storm had passed, they we deluged with calls from other homeowners in their community, asking if they could check their properties because they  were unable to get in touch with their own Home Watch providers. Larry and Bonnie had been planning to launch B&L HOMEWATCH during the coming season; however, because of all the requests, they had to expedite the launch of their business. Because they are long time Florida homeowners, they are very aware of what can happen to an unoccupied home if anything goes wrong or malfunctions. Larry and Bonnie are committed to being the professional, reliable Home Watch service that always keeps in touch with their clients for their client’s peace of mind.

Larry is President of their local homeowner’s association and a Member of the Master Board for Cypress Woods Golf and Country Club here in Naples. He has years of experience dealing with property management companies and all kinds of other service providers here in the area. He also has a Bachelor of Science  Degree from Perdue University and attended John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Larry then worked in industrial management for over 20 years. Bonnie has years of experience in advertising sales and retail management. Together they have owned several successful retail businesses. Honesty, dependability, attention to detail, and motivation to do the best job we can are our core values that we practice every day in our home watch business.

B & L HOMEWATCH is very active with our concierge services, opening and closing the property, letting contractors in and staying while they are there if requested, receiving or sending packages for clients, and many other services, just ask and we will do what is requested if we can.

Remember, we will treat you just like we ourselves would want to be treated in the same situation.

Why you should chose B & L HOMEWATCH

  • We really listen to what our clients say and are personally involved in every home watch inspection.
  • We know our clients require the best tools for communication from us so we recently installed a secure portal that our clients can use to view past inspections, see when future inspections are scheduled, check all transactions to their account, all charges and payments made and current balances at any time. The portal is a good tool to communicate between the client and us, things such as when they will be in residence, projects they want done, or questions they have.
  • We will respond in a timely manner and all communications are saved so everyone can look back at the record.